Non-woven Production Line price
Double Layer Spunbonded Nonwoven Production Line
Machine Description
Product modelDCWS-1600SSDCWS2400SSDCWS-3200SSDCWS-4200SS
Die numberSS:2
Filament number1.5-2.5d
Gram weight range10-150 g/sq.m
Maximum operating speed400 m/min
Effective wide1600mm2400mm3200mm4200mm
The daily production capacity9000Kgs13000Kgs16000Kgs21000Kgs
Use Range
Schematic Diagram
Machine Characteristics
Machine Technical Data
1Raw materialPolypropylene chips (Melt index: 20-40g/10min, with variation not more than 1% for each batch; Melt point: 165鈩? Ash content: 鈮?0.15-0.25%
2Melt point164-170鈩?/p>
4Melt Flow35卤5g/10min
5Molecular weight distribution index<4
6Equal regulation>96%
Main Equipment for Spunbond Section
No Item/BRAND Quantity
11+3 Volumetric dosing hopper--2set
2Suction, dosing and mixing device2set
3170mm Main extruder2set
4Co- extruder2set
5Candle Style filter2set
6300cc Metering pump2set
7Spinning machine2set
8Spinneret plate4set
9Filament quenching and drawing system2set
10Web former1set
11Embossed hot thermal bonding calendar1set
14Steel frame for main machine1set
15Electrical control system ("SIEMENS" PLC control system)1set
Auxiliary Equipment
1Calcinator cleaner--YANCHENG1set
2Ultrasonic cleaner--ZHANG JIA GANG1set
3Assembly and disassembly device for spin pack1set
Utility Equipment
SN Item/BRAND Quantity
1Chiller-- HANZHONG /SHUANGFENG(400000Kcal)1 set
2Cooling tower-- HANZHONG/SHUANGFENG(100Ton)1 set
3Suction blower--FUZHOU (75KW)3 set
4Suction blower--FUZHOU (55KW)1 set
5Suction blower--FUZHOU (11KW)2 set
6Spinning Heating System--YAN CHENG (48KW)2 set
7Calendar Heating System--YAN CHENG (72KW)2 set
List of consumables
1Width of finished fabric3200mm
2Single filament titer1.5-2.5 denier
3Daily output20MT/Day based on 40gsm (guarantee the quality as both side agreement)
4Web weight9-150 g/m2
5GSM VariationCV (Coefficient Variation) value less than 6 %
6Extruder size蠁170脳30:1
7Process speed10~300m/min Machine Speed: 350m/min
8Power requirementLoading 700kva Actually 560kva.
9Space requirement35*18*11m
10No. of spin beams2 set
Description of Units
Dosing device
Charging device and function description
The chips are sent from the ground to the batching and mixing system on the third floor. then
The main materials and auxiliary materials can be prepared in a scientific proportion.
The batching and mixing devices are as follows: one main charging tank, two auxiliary tanks, one mixing tank and one suction device.
technical data
Additive I addition ratio: 0.5-5%
Additive II addition ratio: 0.5-5%
Additive III addition ratio: 5-50% (filling)
Maximum capacity of main materials: 500kg/h
170mm Main extruder
The equipment includes slice inlet, automatic temperature control, cooling system and alarm system, which is mainly used for
Melt and extrude PP chips mixed with masterbatches and additives (such as antioxidants, anti pilling agents and flame retardants).
The main driver adopts AC frequency conversion control, which has the following advantages;
1. Closed loop system is adopted for temperature control in each area;
2. With West thermometer;
3. Solid state relay;
4. PT100 platinum resistor.
Technical Data
Screw size: 桅170
L/D ratio: 30/1
Max. Extruding capacity: 500kg/h
Rotary speed of screw: 20-80r/min
Power: 132 kw
Heating power: 110kw
No. of heating zones: 7
Edge recycle extruder--ZHOUSHAN JINHU
For edge recovery, repair parts include:
1. AC regulating motor of recovery screw;
2. Thermometer in each heating zone;
3. Solid state relay;
4. A complete temperature control system composed of Pt100 platinum resistors.
Technical Data
Screw size: 蠁105 x 15
Heating power: 12kW
Dragging power: 18.5kW
No. of heating zones: 4
Spinning machine
The components of the spinning machine include: melt manifold, filter, metering pump and its driving device, rotating beam, monomer suction and rotating components.
Features of the spinning machine: automatic heating and insulation system, pressure indication and control system behind the filter screen, and a static mixer in the melt manifold.
Technical Data
Melt pre-filter --YU FENG
Type: Candle style
(Property: more stable, can work under higher pressure, bigger in filtration area and can be recycle used after cleaned by vacuum calciner)
Filter area: 3.5銕?/p>
Candle Type Filter
Metering pump and its drive
Metering capacity: 300cc/r
No. of pump: 1 set
Motor power: 7.5kw
Monomer suction device
Motor power: 11kw
Size: 4070x610x1050mm
Material of spinneret and distribution plate: SUS431
Holes No. of spinneret: approx. 20400
Diameter of spinneret hole: 桅0.45mm
External dimension : 3510x216x30mm
L/D ratio: 4:1
Quenching and drawing system
Used for the cooling and drawing of filaments, including quenching chamber, upper drawing channel, lower drawing channel, and diffusion channel. Double-side symmetric quenching is used, and the gap of the lower drawing chamber can be regulated as per the process requirements.
Technical Data
Made of section and 未=3mm mirror stainless plate
The inner clearance is adjustable
Max. working width: 3200mm
Quenching air volume: 10,000m3/h
Pressure: approx. 5000Pa
Up drawing systemDown drawing system
Web former
Used to supply carrier for the drawn fiber webs, including a drive system for web forming belt, a suction channel device, a sealing device, an automatic correcting device, belt tensioning device, a frame and a prepressing roller, oil furnace and web support roll.
Technical Data
Process speed: 10-300m/min
Air permeating ratio of web forming belt: approx.8000- 10000m3/h.m2
Used for bonding formed webs by pressure and heating.
Technical Data
Process speed: 10-300m/min
Roller width: 3600mm
Roller type: engraved upper roll and plain lower roll
Drive method: individual motor and oil furnace for each roll
Used for winding the webs on rolls. Including two plain rolls and two pneumatic rolls.
Technical Data
Process speed: 10-300m/min
Working width: 3200mm
Max. winding diameter: 1500mm
A.C. frequency motor for main drive, automatic tension control system
Used for cutting wound rolls. Including four pneumatic rolls
Technical Data
Mechanical speed: 10-600m/min
Working width: 3200mm
Max. Diameter of finished fabric roller: 桅1200mm
Electric Power
PartControlPowerControl unitBrand
Feeding equipmentMain machine7.5KWAutoLack of raw material alarm
Main extruderMain machineAC110KWEurothern590CXi'an Sima
Cooling blowerAC1.1KWMotor protection + contactor
Temperature controller7 area AC380V 18KWSolid state relay controlRKC
Master batch extruderAC 0.55KWFrequency controlSiemens
Additive extruderAC 0.55KWFrequency controlSiemens
Co-extruderMain machineAC 18.5KWFrequency controlSiemens
Temperature controller4 area AC220V 3KWSolid state relay controlRKC
Recycling suction systemAC 0.75KWFrequency controlSiemens
Pressure meterPre-filter pressurePW 808
After-filter pressureF 900
Filter cabin pressurePW 808
Melting temperature display
Metering PumpMain machineAC 5.5KWFrequency controlSiemens
Cooling BlowerSiemensAC 75KWFrequency controlSiemens
Stretch blowerSiemensAC 55KWFrequency controlSiemens
Suction blowerSiemensAC 7.5KWFrequency controlSiemens
Cooling system temperature display
Web formerMain systemAC 18.5KWEurothern590CXi'an Sima
Cooling blowerAC 0.09KWMotor protection + contactor
CalenderMain systemAC 44KWEurothern590CXi'an Sima
Cooling blowerAC 0.37KWMotor protection + contactor
Grease oil pumpAC 1.1KWMotor protection + contactor
Lifting oil pumpAC 4KWMotor protection + contactor
Oil controlOil temperature display
AC 15KWFrequency controlSiemens
AC 11KWFrequency controlSiemens
Touch screen
10 inches
After sales service Q&A
Q:聽How to install the equipment锛?/p>
A:Due the corona breakout in global, the seller would not arrange engineer outside to install, all the service would change to online service.
Q:聽If the corona finished,how to install? And how long it will last锛?br>
A:The seller will send 1 engineer to install, test the machine and train customers鈥?workers in buyers鈥?factory. It will take about 1 week for the entire installation and training.
Q:聽What are the additional costs of installation锛?/p>
A:The buyer should cover engineers鈥?salary, visa cost, Round air tickets, accommodations, transportation in buyers鈥?country, food, medical care, safety cost, and related cost happens in buyers鈥?country. Also, the buyer should prepare enough labor, electric wire outside the control panel and tools for installations.
Q:聽Who pay for the Engineer鈥檚 Salary锛烝nd how much锛?/p>
A:The buyer pay for the聽 Engineer鈥檚 Salary.It's USD 80/day, depending on how the engineer make you satisfied. The date he arrives and leaves shall be counted as paid day.
Q:聽What are the product warranty service terms?
A:Warranty period for the delivered equipment will be 12month after completion of erection but not later than 18months after shipment. In case any item proves to be defective and the damage is confirmed by seller鈥檚 technicians within this period, the seller will at their choice either send engineer to repair or supply a new one for replacement free of charge on the basis of CNF delivery.
Note锛歍he above item does not include the parts, which have regular spares or the parts damaged from normal wear, abnormal operation, improper maintenance and inadequate civil works. The seller is not liable for any production loss under any circumstances.
Q:聽How about the Packing condition about the equipment锛?br>
A:As per export standard, they will also be treated before delivery against damage and rusting.
Q:聽PP non-woven fabrics are divided into hydrophilic and water-repellent. What is going on?
A:Hydrophilic non-woven fabric: Hydrophilic, as the name implies, is "hydrophilic" and has strong adsorption to liquids. (such as baby diapers)
Water-repellent non-woven fabric: Contrary to the performance of hydrophilic non-woven fabric, the surface tension of the fiber is reduced after chemical treatment, and the liquid cannot wet the surface. (such as surgical gowns, protective clothing, etc.)
Q:聽PP non-woven fabrics are also divided into general resistance, tertiary resistance and high resistance
General resistance: antistatic
A:Three antibodies: antistatic, anti-alcohol, anti-blood
High resistance: antistatic, anti-alcohol, anti-blood
Q:聽In addition to knowing the above content is not enough, you also need to know the gram weight, so what is the gram weight?
A:Gram weight: a common unit for the evaluation of textile silk products, which is the weight of the fabric per square meter
Unit: g/square meter g/m虏
Single and double S distinction of non-woven fabrics
What does the single, double, and triple s often mentioned in the non-woven industry mean? In fact, s is a spunbond non-woven fabric, a single s is a single-layer spunbond non-woven fabric, a double s is a double-layer composite spunbond non-woven fabric, and a triple s is a three-layer composite spunbond non-woven fabric.
In general, s and ss can be distinguished by softness. s non-woven fabrics are mostly used in the field of packaging, and ss non-woven fabrics are mostly used for sanitary materials. Therefore, in mechanical design, the s machine tends to make the non-woven fabric stiff, and the ss machine tends to make the non-woven fabric softer. However, after a special process, s non-woven fabric feels softer than untreated ss fabric, which is suitable for sanitary materials; and ss can also be processed to become more rigid and suitable for packaging materials.
Another distinguishing latitude is the uniformity of distribution, which refers to the stability of the gram weight per square meter, but it is difficult to distinguish with the naked eye. In essence, the difference between s and ss cloth is the number of nozzles of the machine. The number of letters in the name represents the number of nozzles, so there is one nozzle for s and two nozzles for ss.
PP Spunbond Non-woven Fabric Machine is one of the fastest growing applications in India. The huge demand for PP Spunbond Non-woven Fabric Machine has created a vacuum for indigenous machines in the Indian market. PP non-woven spunbond production line is available in various custom sizes for packaging, medical and personal hygiene etc.
PP Spunbond Non-woven Fabric application areas include:
鈥?Personal hygiene
鈥?Absorbent cloths and wipes
鈥?Clothing and shoes
鈥?Household products
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